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This is truly my favourite new product and I use it in my clinical work every day!

In this workshop, you will learn a HUGE range of different ways of using NRX and you will be able to put it into practice immediately! The workshop caters for all levels of experience. You will receive patterns and we will make a variety of splints / supports that you can use in your practice, such as:

Thumb support, finger sleeve, supination strap, DRUJ stabiliser, TFCC support, dynamic assist supports, ulnocarpal boost splint, web-spacer, MUD splint etc.

I am so excited about sharing these with you, as they are truly transformative!

Presented by: Alison Coyle

More information on NRX

A little info about NRX for those not already in the know 😊 NRX® is a relatively new material based on CR-Neoprene that can be used for functional splinting / support applications for clients with a variety of needs.

The surface has a loop textile that works perfectly together with the pre-cut low profile hook pieces that can be applied anywhere on the surface. The material has excellent elasticity and rebound that stays the same during the application. The NRX® material provides proprioceptive feedback when applying it over a joint or a muscle. It’s perforated to allow ventilation of the skin and can be machine washed.

The material is 100% latex free and provides a local heat insulation that can assist to increase range and reduce pain / inflammation. There are several different NRX options now (including more / less stretch, single or double sided, etc).

(Costs include all materials, course workbook and light lunch)


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